Top 3 Athlete Quotes: Hard Work

Common people just watch sports to pass time, but for an Athlete sports is a matter of infinite hard work and incomparable dedication. A sportsman doesn’t stop practicing even after reaching the pinnacle of fame and achievements. Unless you are a gifted player it’s hard work that you need all along.

Stories of the famous athletes sacrificing their leisure to achieve perfection are certainly interesting to know but their quotes about hardwork is quite encouraging too. Here are the top Three quotes of athletes about hard work.

“You might have become a great athlete. But behind this success there is hiding the hours of practice and a little girl. That girl is your coach who was in love with the sport and she never looks back… you must play for that little girl too” -Mia Hamm

The two time Olympic gold medalist knows what to brag about. Its neither the medals she won nor the Trophies. It’s her hard work that she wants to tell about which may inspire another soul to rise

“There’s only one way you can give me the highest compliment. It’s my hard work that I do everyday ” -Wayne Gretzky

Nicknamed “The Great One” Wayne Greatzky didn’t get this honor just by sleeping for hours. It’s the hard works he have done all his life and likes being complimented for that.

“However talented may someone be, no one has any excuses to work harder than you do” – Derek Jeter

The famous American baseball player Derek Jeter, five time world series champion, didn’t get those wins the easy way. It took a lot of hardship and he didn’t make any excuses.

So, from the famous sayings of the famous athletes who have reached the zenith of success. We saw the skills they showed while achieving those success. But the amount of hard work invested by them to come this far is not always visible to us.

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