Speed vs Strength Training

Speed is different from strength training in that you were trying to exercise two different functions of a muscle which required two different biochemical processes. When you’re expanding your capacity for one, you’re also expanding your capacity for the other but you are favoring one over the other.


Speed training is all about explosive movement. You can train for higher speeds buy doing plyometrics and explosive movements with weights. The most important consideration to take is that you need to be in excellent physical shape to train for speed.  you need to have very healthy joints so that you’re not injured over the course of exercise. You also need excellent flexibility in your muscles so that it does not cause strain over your joints or in other muscles.


Strength training is all about being able to lift more weight, quickly or slowly.You can train for strength bye using one or more sets in your workout routine, exercising to complete muscular exhaustion each time, and slowly increasing the weight over the course of your workouts. For example increasing the weight that you were using each week, as you were able to increase the weight. That is, when you’re actually getting stronger increase the amount of weight so that you can do the same amount of repetitions for each set.

When you train for strength you can also get an increase speed, due to the fact that you’re able to push more of your own weight more easily. And when you train for speed you generally get a small increase in your strength.

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